Matty G DogzLLC

Who Are We?

Retirement Plan- hot dog cart to be parked under the tree

Our mission in this business is to make quality our top priority in all that we do while we serve to please our customers. We come from a long line of foodies, honest business people, and hard workers that have all made Matty G Dogz successful since the year 2000 when this whole adventure started. We hope to get the chance to work with you, your organization, your community, and your family in bringing our mobile food concessions to your next event.

Mini Matty G (The Future Boss #2)

Mr. and Mrs. (The Real Boss) Matty G Dogz 

Matty G and Seany (The Future Boss #1)

Matty G- Owner/Operator

​​​Matty G's Rescue Dogz (Gemma & Hank)